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Thoughts on the main characters of Kamen Rider Wizard up to Episode 44
So as of this post Wizard will have aired 45 episodes.  I have watched 44 of the episodes since neither TV-Nihon or Overtime have posted subs of the 45th episode yet.  So far I have enjoyed the show, but like Fourze it does have its problem.  The main problem would be that  some of the cast is a bit underdeveloped and by some I mean most of the cast.  Haruto and Nito, Wizard and Beast respectively, have gotten the most development out of the main cast. This is to be expected since they are the riders of the show but the rest could still use a bit more.  Rinko has had her moments but outside her recruitment arc at the beginning has yet to have the spotlight on her. Shunpei is the same as well with his recruitment arc being his spotlight while only getting moments here and there.  With Wizard being expanded to 51 episodes maybe they will get there standout episodes.  Koyomi is getting here development late is getting here development late but we are least getting it.  Hopefully by the end she will get to really be a stand out character of the show and not share the fate of the three other partner characters of the main riders.  Wajima has been there just to be a means by which Haruto got the rings but he get some time to shine here in these last few episodes.   Outside of that I have some complaints but that would than be getting into spoilers and since there are plans involving Wizard in the future ,HINT HINT, I don't want to discuss spoilers until these plans come.  If you are wondering when some information might come try September 7 at about 9 and you might hear something. Until then this is Peace signing out until next time.
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