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v6.2 Update - Status Report

Hey everyone!

I figured since I wasn't being too productive (not at all acutally) in terms of pushing the rest of our v6.2 update out I would give a status report. So, here we go.

As you all know the TGS, TGSR, and Rampant Gaming Discussion Boards are live. Each of these will require you to make an uID account. For those unfamiliar with the uID system, I'll break it down a little better. The uID system is a function that our hosting provider offers. This will allow you to login to any uCoz site like ours with only one login so you don't have multiple logins with multiple passwords. We utilize this so that if Rampant Gaming gets it's own spot or we even adopt or help another streamer setup something you can utilize the account you make here on their site as well.

The next part of the v6.2 update is something you won't see graphically on the site. I've been working on a new method for the crew to post stuff for you to see on the site (i.e. Home Page news, News Corner, Blogs). This part is nearing its finalization and should open me to the last thing I have planned for this update.

Finally, the themes. The theme update is something I want to do to give them the acknowledgement they deserve so much. However, these are absolutely last on the list simply because they are working fine and really are ok. My thing is just giving them the pop they need and bringing them up to v6 standards. I will poll all of the members on the site to see whether they prefer v2, the original, or a combination of the two when deciding to shift the themes to the v2 appearance.

So, any thoughts on the updates? If so comment below with your uID or your social media.

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