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          After the shocking events of last week's show what will happen this week.  Simply put it is a movie tie-in episode that everybody loves, but does it manage to still be a entertaining episode let's find out with episode thirty-seven of Kamen Rider Gaim "Baron's Soccer Summer Campaign.  We kick things off with Kouta intercepted by a Inves that can separate into a swarm of insects to avoid attacks and get the drop on Kouta whenever it is convenient. Kouta goes Jinba Lemon to fight it but only manages to run it off.  We cut to Kaito checking his wound and pondering current events.  Sagara drops by to tell him Kouta has gotten stronger over time and pretty much left him in the dust.  Kaito says he can beat Kouta and Sagara summons another Kouta from the movie I assume to fight Kaito.  Gaim 2 go ... Read more »

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I plan on starting something new with my blog here between site updates. Every week I will find one interesting fact and post it here. Here's the start of it:

Did You Know...

Special thanks goes out to all-that-is-interesting.com and their sources for this fact of the week. Until next week.

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