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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 25

          Team Drive faces a new kind of enemy this week and things won't be the same after it.  Let's see how the status quo changed in "Why has the battle changed like this?".  We start off with the S.C.U. getting verbal berating by Nira Mitshuide, Captain of the Metro PD 1st Division.  He is not pleased with the team and finds them a waste of time and money as they produce absolutely no results.  Tomari attempts to defend them but only gets it threw back in his face along with a reminder of what happened to Hayase.  Kiriko seems to not be phased by all this but that can be chalked up to her thinking about Chase.  We get a quick shot of Chase discarding his flowers before we check in with Tomari on his favorite hill.  He thinks of his late father when Gou arrives to cheer up his comrade.  Tomari is frustrated that nobody can knows that he is a Rider and is unable to show how much the S.C.U. helps people.  Buckle reminds him of why they are a secret and Gou thinks of how stressful that is for him.  Tomari receives a call of a Density Shift near a police station and the two head off to investigate.

          007 has intercepted a prisoner escort and looks to use a new red Viral Core to achieve a new evolution.  Taga Hajime a violent criminal is the recipient of this new Viral Core and with it he and 007 fuse into the Sword Roidmude.  Drive and Mach arrive to defend the officers and introduce themselves to the new monster.  Sword overpowers them and forces the pair on the defense to get away.  After Sword gets away the cops swarm Drive and are impressed by the masked defender.  Kiriko spots Chase overlooking the battle and sends Hunter to follow him after he leaves.  Chase seems aware of what is going on but we will be playing the pronoun game with whoever is involved.  Heart and Medic have a conversation about this new evolution and we play the pronoun game once more with them.  Down in The Pit the team formulates a plan to stop Sword.  For now they have no way of destroying the core with hurting or killing the human attached.  Rinna figures that she can tinker with the Driver's finishers to target the Roidmude and leave the human unharmed but they will need a sample of an upgraded Roidmude to accomplish this upgrade.  Kiriko knows where to find a sample and heads off to find it whiles Rinna works on the Driver and Buckle by extension and Tomari is off to meet with various heads of divisions to hunt for the new Roidmude.

          Kyu and Chief are goofing around while Otta gets some kind words from the officers who laughed at him in an earlier episode.  Nira drops by to take back all of the officers under his command as he doesn't believe in any of this monster business and leaves the S.C.U. short handed to find Taga.  Tomari and Otta are driving around looking for clues and Otta says he has Tomari's back no matter what.  Tomari figures out where Taga is heading since Hayase was the one who arrested him.  He calls Hayase and tells him to get people out of there before he arrives.  Hayase says many people can be moved and Tomari tells him to at least hide for now.  Kiriko manages to find Chase and asks him to help them out.  Chas seems hesitant to do so since he is a Roidmude himself.  Kyu stumbles on them after following Kiriko for Tomari.  He is shocked at first but understands better than anyone that there are good Roidmudes.  Chase initially seems to get aggressive and goes Chase form before shooting a piece of himself off and leaving.  Kiriko calls Rinna to inform her of the good news.  Sword arrives at the hospital and Hayase looks to confront the monster to protect all that are there.  Tomari and Otta arrive but without Buckle Tomari is a bystander for now.  Mach arrives to combat Sword and goes for a finisher but Tomari reminds him a human is still attached.  Rinna and the rest of the S.C.U. except for Chief arrive with Buckle but with so many people around Buckle refuses to let him transform.  Tomari resolve manages to reach Buckle and he goes Type Speed to take on Sword.  Otta and Kyu are shocked by this and Tomari goes all out against the Human Roidmude hybrid.  Tomari goes Type Formula briefly to soften him up and goes back to Type Speed to use the Tridoron Ricochet Kick from episode one to separate the two and Tomari destroys the body with a few slashes of the steering sword.  The core is saved by 001 before it can be destroyed.  Tomari arrest Taga and gets cheered by the bystanders.  Hayase is proud of his partner and Gou decides to reveal himself to Otta and Kyu as well.  Nira hears about whom Tomari is and gets quite the shock because of it.  The rest of the S.C.U. is down in The Pit getting informed of the situation and Chief arrives to tell them he knew all along.  Tomari seems ready to snap but is overjoyed he no longer has to hide and can work with the S.C.U. openly.  A good smack to Buckle lets him relax until Chief reveals he has let it leak to the public who Tomari is and we end there.

          This week shock up the status quo in a good way and gave us a pretty good episode.   Tomari finally has his whole team in on the secret and could not be happier except that everyone else now know as well.  This won't change much for the Roidmudes as they were aware of the S.C.U.'s connection to Drive and Mach and even know their identities.  They don't really operate that way but Heart might be pushed to take desperate measures with his comrades continuing to end up dead.  Chase shows that he is willing to help although that will become more prominent next week.  Chief has a nice moment at the end with his revelation and I honestly laughed during the entire end sequence.  The Human Roidmude Hybrids are an interesting change and the appearance of 001shows that we may be getting close to a new Executive appearing.  Overall this was a great episode and defiantly promises to change things up for the better in the future.  Next week the S.C.U. deals with the fallout of this week's events and Chase reclaims a title long lost to him Kamen Rider.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further. 

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