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          Chase continues the trend of Rider focused episodes this week as we see if he is willing to bear the title he lost so long ago.  To be the Rider or to be The Reaper  a dilemma at the center of this week's episode "Where is Chaser heading towards?".  We start off with Tomari recapping how his identity has become public knowledge and getting swarmed by the press outside the station asking him about his Kamen Rider duties.  Tomari tells them the police will give an official statement on the matter and heads in to attempt to get some work done today.  Nira meets Tomari once he gets in and decides to antagonize him some more.  This time he brings up Tomari's father and suggest that he didn't die in an accident.  The S.C.U. has a meeting of all their members for the first time and Chief announc ... Read more »

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