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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 26

          Chase continues the trend of Rider focused episodes this week as we see if he is willing to bear the title he lost so long ago.  To be the Rider or to be The Reaper  a dilemma at the center of this week's episode "Where is Chaser heading towards?".  We start off with Tomari recapping how his identity has become public knowledge and getting swarmed by the press outside the station asking him about his Kamen Rider duties.  Tomari tells them the police will give an official statement on the matter and heads in to attempt to get some work done today.  Nira meets Tomari once he gets in and decides to antagonize him some more.  This time he brings up Tomari's father and suggest that he didn't die in an accident.  The S.C.U. has a meeting of all their members for the first time and Chief announces why Tomari's identity as Drive needed to be public knowledge.  With 001's appearance and the fact that the Roidmudes are not a focus since the Global Freeze event makes Chief believes the Roidmudes are operating within the police force.  Chief will continues entertaining the upper brass for more information whiles the rest of the team will support the Double Riders of Drive and Mach.  Kiriko is quick to correct them as there are three Riders and Buckle notes that Chase survived thanks to her.  Nice to see the team can hide nothing form Buckle.  Gou and Tomari are surprised by this and down in The Pit we see Gou is a bit salty about the revelation.  He heads out to blow off some steam and Rinna mentions how he is going to be angrier about what see is working on at the moment.

          In a nearby forest Chase is confronted by Tomari, Kiriko and Buckle.  Tomari is happy to see Chase alive and Buckle asks if he will return to action on their side.  Chase is lost at the moment on what to do as he finds himself unable to choose between the two sides.  Heart soon arrives to place his own offer on the table and even shows he has the Proto-Speed Shift Car in his possession.  Heart tries to persuade Chase to return to their side and brings up 001 to transition to a scene with him and Medic discussion of the Hybrid Evolutions.   Medic praises his work and 001 in turn praises Heart's leadership.  Back in the forest we find out Heart is 002 and Brain is 003 with 001 acting in the shadows to support the two.  Heart says that Tomari shares a connection with 001 and this seems to enrage him because he believes his father 's death may be connected to the Roidmudes.  Tomari goes Dead Heat to get some answers out of Heart the hard way.  The two brawl it out while 007 looks for Taga by attacking the police.  Tomari manages eventually to gain the upper hand and is beating the hell out of Heart to get some answers.  Chase eventually steps in and uses the Tune Spider weapon to push Tomari back and seemingly break his arm in the process.  Kiriko checks Tomari while Heart has a heart to heart with Chase.  Chase is still unsure of what to do and Heart decides to leave the Proto-Speed Shift Car in his hands and let him take the path he wants.

          Back at the station Nira continues to pester Tomari and the rest of the S.C.U. and even takes a shot at Tomari for no showing to defend the police from 007.  Nira heads off saying that Taga is in good hands.  Gou heads off with Kiriko to find the Roidmude while Otta looks to find out where Taga is.  Tomari is down at the moment believing he has disappointed his father.  Buckle mentions how Tomari Eisuke's death is still an unsolved case and how the Chief and he have been working to find out if 001 is involved or not.  Gou  gives Kiriko some crap over the whole Chase situation and heads off without her.  Rinna drops off what she has been working on to Kiriko as we see Nira arrive at the warehouse they have Taga stashed in. We see that 007 has found them and attacks the group of offices and fuses with Taga to become Sword once more.  Chief receives word of the warehouses location and passes on the info to Tomari.  Meanwhile Chase is still in the forest when his bike arrives bearing a gift for the former Reaper the box Kiriko had earlier.  We see Tomari arrive in time to protect Nira but with his injuries he is unable to transform.  Gou arrives soon after in Dead Heat form but proves to be no match for Sword alone.  Gou is forced to de-transform and Kiriko steps up to defend the Riders.  She does her best but when he Shift Car Holder is cut off her belt she is stuck in the Slowdown.  Sword moves into position beneath her to skewer her on one of his swords.

          Chase manages to arrive in time to make the save and we get a bit of a parallel to when the two first meet.  Chase has decided to start over and reveals he was given a Mach Drive and the Signal Chaser Signal Bike.  With these Chase will become a Rider once more.  Chase cast off the guise of Machine Chaser and henshins into his new form Kamen Rider Chaser.  Chase takes on the Hybrid Roidmude and manages to hold his own.  He stills has the wheel on the back and even uses it to deflect a shot from the violent monster.  Chaser calls on his new weapon the Signal Axe form his bike and manages to use it to open up a hole to drag Taga out of the Roidmude and returning 007 to his original form.  Tomari and Kiriko secure Taga while Chase goes for the finish with the Signal Axe.  Chase tires to jump the gun but has to wait for the Signal Axe to charge.  Rinna sure loves putting in little quirks with her designs.  Chase just keeps 007 in check with the Break Gunner and whit the go ahead uses the Signal Axe Full Throttle to put 007 down for good.  Mach is still a bit salty as Chase rides off not wanting to celebrate.  Tomari makes an off comment on how Kiriko never smiles for him like she did for Chase right now and the two have their usual friendly argument.  Heart is seen overlooking the entire battle and says goodbye to his "friend".  Chase is seen walking the streets of Tokyo and when he hears a news report saying he is the third Kamen Rider wonders if he even has a right to that title anymore.  We end off with Nira receiving orders from Secretary of Defense Shinei Souichi to keep the S.C.U. under surveillance and the revelation of the Secretary being 001 and Brain talking to him.

          This week I would say is the best of the three focus episodes on our three Riders.  Chase gets some development as he finally takes up the title of Kamen Rider once more and I do like how evens though he wears the belt he still is not fully accepting of the title again due to all he has done as Machine Chaser.  The KRC suit looks well in motion and this episode won me over on the use of silver as the main color instead of black.  The Signal Axe finisher got a chuckle out of me more due to Chase's reaction more than the gimmick itself.  Gou being salty about Chase feels a bit on considering past episodes but that may be more to Chase and Gou's history more than Gou's idea of Roidmudes in general.  Tomari gets some development with his father being pulled into the story and it will be great to see how Tomari will deal with whatever the truth is when it comes to his father.  Kiriko gets to have some action and I hope we can have her at the frontline some more since she does have the equipment to do so.  001 entering the scene is a nice change and it will be nice to see how this new player will affect the dynamic the executives have right now.  Overall this is a great episode that gives us a new Rider and a new status quo that looks to really shake things up soon.  Next week the S.C.U. is put under the microscope and Tomari might find himself in deep trouble with the higher ups of the police department whiles Gou and Chase find themselves at each other's throat.  Also we may finally have the answers to what is pushing Gou to take down all the Roidmudes.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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