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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 27

          This week brings us a new opening and continues to mess with the status quo as Tomari and crew face a new case that threatens to tear apart them apart.  Let's see what all happened in "What is Shijima Gou's reason for fighting?".  We got some new scenes in the opening this week and I will touch on them at the end. Otherwise the episode starts with 050 giving us a tease at the Roidmude's plan this time and Rinna showing off the brand new Ride Boosters. A pair of red and blue go-karts that attach to the Tridoron to give it flight.  Rinna hopes that with these the three Riders will be able to work together better.  Gou seems a bit miffed by this and says Chaser isn't a Rider.  Kiriko is quick to tell him otherwise but a quick argument leads to a push by Gou and a slap by Kiriko.  Things are a bit awkward between the two for the moment but Gen pulls the team to a meeting at HQ while Gou runs into a woman looking for help finding her brother.  Chase wonders about his lost memories and his connection to Kiriko and we head off to this aforementioned  The S.C.U. is being informed of a mass collapsing of people in a residential area.  Nira continues to push Tomari and leads him into explaining what to do about this case.  Tomari gives the normal info about confirming if a Roidmude is involved.  Nira introduces a consultant that will be working with them on all further Roidmude cases.  This person is no other than Brain in his human disguise.  Kiriko and Tomari are shocked to see him there.

          Meanwhile Gou is getting the particulars on the missing Ryo Soma from his sister Yoriko.  He works at a real estate agency and has been missing for a while.  Gou is taking this a bit personal due to the whole brother sister situation.  Tomari confronts Brain after the meeting to get some answers but only a fight between him and executive.   Brain taunts Tomari about 001 and more and Tomari rushes head long into the trap going Type Formula.  Brain only laughs in his face as Nira arrives with several officers after Brain returns to his human form.  001 and Brain discuss their plans going well and 001 even waves off a commissioner who wants to investigate the residential case with his own version of the Jedi Mind Trick.  Back at the office we see Tomari has been suspended pending further investigation meaning he is barred from the case for the time being.  Nira is more than happy to rub it into their faces and heads off knowing that as long s Tomari has his badge being a Kamen Rider just became a bit more difficult as Tomari can't transform for now.  Rinna reports that the Tridoron has been impounded and the team looks to find a way to get Tomari out of the corner he has been pushed into.  Tomari decides there is only one option and heads off to resign.  Chief stops him by saying that the police also have the duty of protecting people and the Riders are not alone.

          This brings Tomari around and we transition to Gou as he continues his investigation.  Gou has figured out that the company Ryo works at handles all the developments where the Roidmude has attacked.  Gou finds the next location and we see the S.C.U. is in the same ballpark by making the same connections.  We see Rinna and Otta pose as newlyweds while looking for clues while Tomari hangs back.  Nira looks to catch Tomari out of the office but thanks to Commercial, Chief, and Kyu Nira is fooled and the team is left alone for now.  Gou soon arrives and informs Tomari about his end of things.  Kiriko is off talking to Chase which infuriates the daredevil Rider.  Chase is up to helping but asks that they repair the Proto-Shift Car so he can potentially have his memories back.  Gou is ready to head off but the people in the neighborhood soon start attacking one another.  Rinna seems unaffected but Otta is and has a strange mark on his hand which is shared by all the others that are attacking people.  050 shows himself and explains that they are testing non criminals for potential evolution partners.  All the people collapse meaning no passes this time around.  Gou has had enough of this and goes Mach to do what he does best.

          Gou does his best against the evolved Roidmude but with backup from two other Roidmudes Mach is outmatched right now.  Due to his suspension Tomari is forced to sit on the sideline evens after the Ride Boosters arrive to deliver Buckle to him.  Chase arrives to help and goes Rider Chaser form to take down his fellow Roidmudes.  With help from the Ride Booster Chaser uses the Signal Axe's finisher to take out the two goons leaving 050 alone.  Gou decides he has had enough of Chase and attack him instead of 050.  050 comments on how this is going according to plan and leaves while Chase simply holds back and even de-transforms to try to calm Mach down.  Tomari manages to push Chase out of the way and makes Gou's attack swing widely.  Tomari tells him he was protecting the both of them.  Gou seems to be completely distraught and soon find out why he hates the Roidmudes so much.  Gou tells Tomari he is the son of the man that created the Roidmudes Banno Tenjurou.  He also says that Banno sent them out of control and is responsible for setting into motion the events that happened.  Gou once more mentions how his time is running out and we close with our Riders divided.

          The new opening recognizes Chase's return to Rider status and has a few other neat scenes.  Other than that the only real thing to note is the continued use of the scene with Brain, Heart and, Chase.  The episode itself was great and we finally start to see why Gou hates the Roidmudes so much.  Having him try to atone for what his father did may not be original but it is still a bit of a twist and how this plays into future events will be interesting.  Tomari faced a difficult situation but thanks to his team and fellow Riders this case would have ended this week.  Chase shows that he stands with the S.C.U. and he will help when he is needed.  He evens refused to attack Gou and did what he could to calm the enraged Rider.  The team is in a bad spot with Tomari suspended and Otta paralyzed due to 050's experiment.  As for the case itself it looks like we will learn more next week and things are looking to get more personal.     Overall this was a really good episode that sets up great things to come next week. Speaking of next week Gou takes center stage once more as the sins of the past haunt our daredevil Rider and 050 looks to continue his experiments.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further. 

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