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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 29

          Once more into the world of Drive we go and what new twists await our heroes.  Let's find out in "What really happened during the robbery?".  We start off right where we left off last week with Gou being approached by Brain.  He offers a position under 001 and the rest of the Roidmudes but Gou is quick to decline.  He goes Mach and decides to take out all of his anger on the deceptive executive.  Gou finds himself in the driver seat for most of the fight until Brain shows him a tablet with something on it.  More on that when were through the rest of the episode but for now we cut away to the S.C.U. talking about the case of the week.  This time several banks are being robbed by a lone suspect.  Various British Imperial Banks are being broken into along with a lone employee being killed at each.  First Division has the case at the moment but as we cut to another robbery in progress the team will soon be drawn in.  Futabadai Bank is the location this time and initially our suspect is in complete control.  Several cops on scene try to subdue the suspect but he overpowers them and reveals himself as a Hybrid Roidmude.  After the Slowdown is detected Tomari is called in with a great deal of flair by Chief.  The Hybrid, 067, has access to what is essentially a skeleton key that allows him to open anything.  He forces a female employee to fill his bag full of cash and before he can kill her several Shift Cars arrive and separate the two.

          Tomari arrived in the nick of time and with the help of Hunter looks to contain the Roidmude and evacuate the civilians on scene.  The key seems to be stronger than the car as 067 uses it to unlock Hunter's cage and start a fight properly with Tomari.  He goes Technique in response and attempts to sue the Door Gun but the key has domain over all objects that can open.  The fight continues outside with Tomari got Wild to fight him head on.  A random female bystander faints after a balloon pops nearby. This leads Tomari to check on her and our monster friend to run away.  Back at the station various officers receive a briefing on the suspect now identified as Negishi Itsuro.  Itsuro was arrested for a similar crime 12 years ago and has just gotten out. The man is well versed in bank robberies and the specific incident that got him arrested seems to have Tomari a bit tense to say the least.  First Division is on the case and Nira sends his officers off to track down Itsuro.  After they have left Tomari question him on the S.C.U.'s role.  Nira says they are on standby for the time being. Tomari reveals that Itsuro was the one who killed his father and he wants on the case.  Nira is quick to dismiss the young detective but after some help from Chief Tomari is allowed to help with the case in a more direct manner along with the rest of the S.C.U..  We soon see that the help is a series of menial tasks as Tomari is out grapping lunch for First Division while Kiriko, Chief, and Kyu are sorting paperwork and serving coffee.  Kiriko asks about the incident from 12 years ago and Chief informs her of what happened.  Eisuke, Tomari's father, happened to be at a bank being robbed by Itsuro and his associate.  Eisuke was waiting for a chance to subdue the suspects but ended up taking a bullet for a young girl when her balloon popped and angered Itsuro.  Details of the case didn't add up and this is what has Chief and Buckle believing 001 is involved somehow.

          Tomari has a chance encounter with 001's human form when the two cross paths at the station.  001 complements Tomari's work so far and Tomari seems a bit surprised by the encounter.  We get a quick scene where Heart checks in on Brain and asks him how things are going.  Brain brushes him off since Medic is still with him and Heart wonders why the two can't get along.  Back at the station Tomari manages to find a lead in the paperwork they have been sorting. All three victims so far were at the bank Eisuke died at and all of them were employees of the place. Kyu finds a connection in the form of the female teller Itsuro was going to kill in the robbery Tomari broke up.  Itsuro receives his next target and no bank robbery will hide next body he is going to drop.  The team wonders why First Division didn't make the connection but Tomari decides to head off and question the teller.  First Division is questioning her at the moment which leaves Tomari with few options to purses the case further.  Luckily fate seems to be on his side as the girl who collapsed was at the bank 12 years ago.  Karasawa Yukari, the young girl Eisuke saved, is still at the hospital when Tomari and Kiriko arrive to question her.

          She is quick to turn them away and even starts throwing things at them to make them go away.  The two leave with no questions answered and for now a dead end in their investigation.  Otta arrives to give them a new lead in the form of Itsuro's partner Maruya.  He was released 6 years ago and has been on the up and up since.  He believes Itsuro is innocent of killing Eisuke but can't recall any details because his memories of that day are a bit scrambled.  Tomari heads off quickly after hearing this information and Kiriko heads off to get a present from Rinna.  Proto Speed Shift Car is repaired by Rinna can't tell if the data inside is still intact.  It can still be used normally possibly leading to various things myself and Rampant has speculated upon.  Tomari confronts Maruya about the case but can't seem to get answers out of him.  Tomari does find one things that does lead to more questions.  Maruya has a strange mark on his neck just under his ear.  This mark was also present on Tomari's father leads him father down the rabbit hole.  We soon see Itsuro confront his former partner and Tomari heads off to protect him.  Tomari goes Type Speed and with the Steering Sword in hand looks to get some answers from Itsuro.  Unfortunately Itsuro is not in the mood to talk leads Tomari to become more aggressive and reckless with his strikes.

          Chase arrives to see that family once more finds itself at the center of the Roidmudes plans and before he can enter the battle a very unsettling development happens.  Brain arrives introducing their new recruit, Gou.  Gou goes Mach and goes right after Tomari and forcing Chase to enter the battle and engage the daredevil himself.  Kiriko is also on scene and pleads with her brother to stop which only distracts Chase and leads to the two of them getting pinballed around thanks to 067.  More attacks by the key barer leads Tomari to go Formula while Gou answers back with Dead Heat.  Brain is pleased by the turn of events and while Tomari is busy 067 almost kills Maruya Chase manages to break it up and with a few choice words snaps Tomari out of his range.  Tomari uses Formula's speed to evac Maruya and Kiriko while Chase uses the Signal Axe Full Throttle to create a smokescreen.  We end with our heroes in retreat and a man down.

          This week keeps the momentum going of the last few episodes and continues to be exciting to watch.  Mach's turn remains a mystery but thanks to the recently released episode one of the Type S.C.U. special it seems that Banno might continue to haunt his son from the grave in some way.  Tomari shows his more aggressive side and shows how much this case is getting to him as Chase has to snap him out of his rage.  The case itself gets setup for revelations to come next week and I am excited to see what is to come.  Heart gets to show back up again after taking some time off and I do wonder what Heart and Medic's role will be going forward since we have been focused on Brain, 001, and the Hybrids.  067's antics seem a bit overblown but it provided a nice difference between human and Roidmude.  Overall this was a pretty good episode that furthers the mystery of 001 and puts our main Rider in a tough spot as he searches for answers.  Let's hope the answers won't lead our hero down the road to destruction.  Next week Mach goes head to head with Chase while Tomari finds the answers to his questions about his father's murder.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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