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          Tomari sets himself on a path to confront 001 but is he ready to take on the powerful Roidmude, we will see in "Why were the precious memories erased?".  We start off with Tomari confronting Brain over what he has learned.  Tomari is without Buckle at the moment and with only his service revolver at his side he is horribly out matched.  Brain is about ready to give Tomari a dose of his poison but multiple Shift Cars along with Buckle arrive to back him up.  Buckle berates him for his reckless actions but Tomari will hear none of it right now and goes Type Speed to take on the executive.  Tomari finds success but with the arrival of Gou Tomari is sent for a swim while Brain takes his leave.  Back at the station Buckle tears into Tomari for being so reckless in his actions.  Tomari is not hearing a word of this and protests that they need to take down 001 now.  Buckle runs off with ... Read more »

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