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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 31

          Tomari sets himself on a path to confront 001 but is he ready to take on the powerful Roidmude, we will see in "Why were the precious memories erased?".  We start off with Tomari confronting Brain over what he has learned.  Tomari is without Buckle at the moment and with only his service revolver at his side he is horribly out matched.  Brain is about ready to give Tomari a dose of his poison but multiple Shift Cars along with Buckle arrive to back him up.  Buckle berates him for his reckless actions but Tomari will hear none of it right now and goes Type Speed to take on the executive.  Tomari finds success but with the arrival of Gou Tomari is sent for a swim while Brain takes his leave.  Back at the station Buckle tears into Tomari for being so reckless in his actions.  Tomari is not hearing a word of this and protests that they need to take down 001 now.  Buckle runs off with the help of two Shift Cars as Otta arrives with a case that may prove relevant to current events.

          Fujiki Tooru's father has gone missing under very strange circumstances.  He vanished in his factory one day after the two were about to have a conversation about him working there.  On top of this everyone who could remember him are believe he disappeared years ago and left his family.  This prompts the team to believe 001's involvement and they mobilize to investigate further.  They find traces of Slowdown at the factory confirming there suspicions.  Fujiki wants to make up with his father after their fight but his mother believes none of his words and drags him off leaving the team wondering why this kidnapping took place.  Meanwhile 001 meets with Medic and Heart and looks to borrow a few of Medic's Reapers.  Medic asks why he is being sloppy on this kidnapping and about his identity being revealed.  001 laughs it off and Heart believes that all of this is according to plan.  001 tells them they are close to realizing their final evolution.  Each of the executives has gained a unique emotion Brain envy, Medic adoration, and Heart joy.  Once they have achieved this they will bring about a second Global Freeze.  Tomari is 001's key to his evolution and he tells Heart to find his.  Heart says he has already found his and we cut to Chase wondering about the Ultimate Evolution and Promised Number.

          At The Pit Kiriko talks with Buckle in private about Tomari.  She is worried about him and Buckle explains how he is scared of losing another Rider to the Roidmudes.  He is scared by the events that lead to 000 becoming Chaser.  Meanwhile Tomari receives info from a Mister X that may give them the evidence to take down 001.  It is about a viral scare ten years ago he was in charge of that lead to nothing.  Otta calls to inform the team about Fujiki not remembering there encounters and being very dismissive of the police.  He has fallen victim to 001 and this leads Tomari to pushing forward even harder to take down the mechanical mastermind.  Tomari tries to enlist Nira's help in getting a meeting with 001 in his human form and presents his evidence.  Nira blows him off in his normal fashion and tells him to bug off.  Tomari takes it surprisingly well and leaves while Nira makes a call asking where 001 is.  We see Shadow overhead the call and this gets Tomari a face to face with 001 in his human form.  He forces him to change and expose himself this leads to his two Reapers revealing themselves  and attacking Tomari.  They get the upper hand on the detective but Chase arrives to keep them busy for the mean time.  He goes Chaser and leaves Tomari to have his confrontation.

          He decides that Tomari should get a dose of his power when Kiriko and Buckle arrive.  He taunts the once human doctor and shows how he can make all the people around them forget what they saw.  He leaves believing himself victorious.  Chase meanwhile manages to take down the two Reapers only for Gou to arrive as Mach and attack him once more.  Tomari wakes up from his memory hit and seems to have been unaffected and heads off after 001 once more.  001 is not too surprised that it didn't work and reveals that Tomari's father did find out his identity and had a similar confrontation with him.  He like Tomari was unaffected and this lead to him gaining his emotion, humiliation. Tomari begs Buckle to ride with him on this one and defeat 001 here and now.  Buckle agrees and Tomari goes Formula to take on 001 a.k.a Freeze.  Quoting Mach a bit Tomari does everything he can but proves to be powerless before the master manipulator.  The Pit Crew tries to assist but get blown away leading to Tomari dropping out of Formula.  Tomari refuses to give in and we end before the fight continues anymore.

          This week brings Tomari head to head with the Roidmude in the shadows and we see how far he will go to avenge his father.  Tomari shows how even the calmest one of the S.C.U. is cracking under the pressure 001 has placed him under.  Refusing to stop even in the face of a truly stronger foe has lead Tomari down a dangerous path and with Chase being occupied by Mach and Buckle and Kiriko unable to get through to him Tomari may pay hard for his stubbornness.   The revelation about them acquiring unique emotions and the want of a second Global Freeze adds more to what we know about the Roidmudes long term plans.  While the whole picture is still obscured things are becoming clearer.  Overall this was a great episode that showed the result of all the actions 001 and the Roidmudes have had the past episode are working and they have the S.C.U. where they want them.  Fighting a losing battle that will cost them more than they want to lose.  Next week Tomari continues to battle 001 and ends up paying the price Chase was never forced to pay.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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