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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 30

          Tomari must uncover the truth of his father's death in order to continue his quest to end the Roidmude threat.  Let's see the truth he uncovers in "Who can expose the culprit?".  We start off with Heart being informed by Medic of the events of the past episode.  He is shocked to hear Brain has gained a Rider as an ally and we see said executive handing Itsuro his next target.  He heads off while Brain praises Gou on his work so far.  At the S.C.U. Tomari thanks Chase for getting him out of the rage he was in.  Chase asks if family causes humans to lose their cool.  He list off the three of them that have done it the past few weeks and Tomari says that its natural for them to worry and if they lose their cool it is normal.  We see Kiriko try to contact Gou again but gets nothing and leads Tomari and Chase to the HQ to find out what Maruya has remembered.  He experienced Slowdown back then confirming the presence of a Roidmude at the robbery.  Chase takes not of the scar Maruya has and informs them of 001's ability to rewrite human memories.  This leads them closer to the truth and we get a funny line of Chase telling them that he didn't say anything about the scar because no one asked him about it.  Yukari has no scar and possibly has untouched memories of that day.  Kiriko heads off with Tomari following behind and Chase heading out afterwards as the three remaining S.C.U. members outside of Otta prepare to protect Maruya.

          Kiriko arrives at the hospital and is a bit aggressive in her attempt to find out what Yukari knows much like Tomari last week.  Chase manages to get Gou's attention and when he is confronted by the daredevil Chase asks him to see behind his ear.  Gou doesn't know what he is talking about and this leads to the two fighting in their Rider forms.  Tomari arrives at the hospital and manages to talk Kiriko down from her aggressive questioning and the two apologize for the way they have been with her the past few weeks.  They cops sworn to protect people and this is not how cops should act.  We cut back to Gou and Chase as they continue to fight it out and eventually Chase manages to get one up on Mach when the two attempt Rider Kicks.  Chase confirms that Gou was affected by 001's power and leaves Gou angrier than before.  At the S.C.U. Nira is there to pick up Maruya and Chief decides to let him go.  He calls in Maruya only to see a dozen of him arrive and Nira has his pick of the lot.  Rinna thanks Commercial for the save once more and we cut back to the hospital as Kiriko and Tomari figure out what to do now.  The two are at a dead end and with this case becoming more personal it is hard for either to keep themselves in check.  Yukari's mother arrives to have a word with the officers.  She asks if Tomari is his father's son.  and he confirms it.  She thanks him for what his father did to protect Yukari and the two decide that maybe they need to let this lead end for now and focus on protecting her.

          We see Itsuro use his Skeleton Key to gain access to Yukari's room and moves in to ensure another person will not speak the truth of that day.  Tomari arrives in time and goes Type Speed to fight off the monster.  Tomari gets Yukari out of there but is ran down by Itsuro and he proceeds to attack him.  Using an opening he gained he attempts to attack Yukari only for Tomari to protect her just like his father did before.  Chase arrives to back him up and keep Itsuro busy so Kiriko can get Yukari out of there.  Chase seems to have an advantage on the Roidmude only for him to tie him up in chains.  Tomari arrives to protect his fellow Rider and decides to be nostalgic as he uses Shadow, Monster, and Flare to send Itsuro on the ropes.  One poorly placed manhole cover kills Tomari's momentum but Chase arrives to help set up the finish.  Going Type Formula he uses its speed to offset Itsuro and with a combination of the Signal Axe and Formula Cannon Itsuro and separated from 067 and the Roidmude is sent to the junkyard in the sky, or wherever the Roidmudes go when their cores explode. 

          Tomari arrests Itsuro and Otta arrives with back up to send him back to jail for what he has done.  Tomari sees  the scar and realizes that maybe he didn't kill his father like he claims.  Chase lies to Kiriko about Gou having the mark of 001 and I guess hopes that this is the better thing for her to hear right now.  For his trouble Kiriko gives him the Proto-Speed Shift Car and Chase sets it in the Break Gunner to get his memories back.  Yukari arrives to tell him that 001 was there at the bank and before he can hear any more we see Chase kneel over in pain as he regains his memories and all three see that Heart, Brain, and 001 were the ones to turn Chase into his Machine form and Tomari receives quite the shock as he sees 001 is Makage.  We end there because we need a good cliffhanger going into next week's episode.

          This week ends off the hunt for Eisuke's killer as now Tomari knows for certain that it was 001 who killed his father.  This was a pretty good episode that helped further all of the plotlines we have going right now.  Gou may not remain under 001's control for long as 001 may be getting close to either being destroyed or having his hold over Gou taken away thanks to Tomari.  Chase is doing his best to fit into the team dynamic and he continues to be this great way to provide bits of humor and bits of character as he even gets to be referred to a the senior Rider.  Tomari and Kiriko these past two weeks are showing the wear this case is putting on them and it was nice to see that shown as the two parallel each other with Yukari.  Overall this was a good episode that keeps the momentum going and pushes Tomari into a confrontation with 001 next week.  Next week Tomari faces 001 while Chase and Mach fight it out once more Tomari might pay for confronting the powerful Roidmude.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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