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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 39

          Coming out far later than I wanted due to laziness and college stuff we finally take a look at "When  will the Tornado kidnapper strike?".  We start off with a random couple heading off to the beach only for Tornado, 008, to intervene and kidnap the girl.  Gou is on site just after it happened due to Banno's information.  Tomari arrives and we find out that this is the third such case to happen.  He is also very brazen with his kidnappings and the team will have to do something a bit drastic to him.  The team will set themselves up as bait in order to hopefully catch him.  Gou is eager to help but is sit back down due to not having a license to drive cars which also puts Chase on the sideline as well.  He is working on it and even throws Gou for a loop over the revelation.  The two of them will be getting their license while Otta, Rinna, Tomari and Kiriko will be acting as bait in the obvious pairings.  Meanwhile Medic is ordered by Heart to give Brain his body back and discusses with Tornado on how he will gain his Ultimate Evolution.

          Back at Driving School Chase begins his test and is doing quite well much to the annoyance of Gou.   Buckle stops by using Shift Formula to talk with Gou about possibly working with Banno.  Gou comes right out about having him in the tablet and Buckle proceeds to flip right out.  We see the pairs hoping into their respective cars and Tomari seems to be a fan of the old Volkswagen Bug.  Buckle refuses to work with Banno and sees him only a the devil.  The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Tornado in Otta and Rinna's car.  Gou attempts to head off but finds himself attack by 006 once more.  He fights him and his goons but ends up being overwhelmed which leads to Chase excusing himself from the test to help out.  Tornado easily handles Otta but decides that attempting to take Rinna was a mistake which pisses her right off.  Tomari arrives and is insulted by Tornado which gets him a bit angry.  He goes Type Formula to keep up with Tornado's speed but the windy Roidmude seems to too much power for Tomari.  Buckle suggest going into Tridoron and letting him handle things from there.   Tridoron plus Construction Site seems to be working but Tornado is able to quickly match Tridoron's power and heads out because he has better things to do.  Evil Krim from the moive is shown to have overseen the battle and continues to lurk in the shadows.  Meanwhile the double Mach Driver Riders are still fighting 006's goons and Chase has had enough and breaks out the Proto Speed Shift Car to give himself a speed boost and with the Signal Axe Finisher all three goons fall and go boom.  Mach is annoyed that his spotlight was stolen but Chase only cares that Gou is safe and heads back to his license test.  Gou heads back to where he left his backpack and Banno at but finds Banno missing.

          Back at the squad room Rinna is still angry about Tornado and Kyu finds out who 008 disguises himself as.  An eccentric fashion designer who is a bit of a reclusive meaning there isn't much information on him.  The team heads down to The Pit to do more analysis on Tornado and they find Banno looking over all of the research made on the Drive Driver.  Banno introduces himself fully which shocks the team but we don't get to see more as we cut to Heart telling Tornado that him and 006 are the closest to achieving Ultimate Evolution at this time.  Back at the family reunion Gou explains the situation and Buckle continues to say Banno is nothing more than the devil and they can't trust him.  The team seems to be willing to hear Banno out for the time being and after Banno tells them where Tornado is keeping the kidnapped people they head out for now tabling the Banno situation for now.  On the drive there Tomari and Kiriko have a conversation about Banno. Kiriko wonders if they can trust Banno and Tomari says genius scientist can be sketchy sometimes but he trust Buckle whole heartily so he is willing to at least see if Banno can earn that same trust.  At the location they find the women but also find Tornado and Heart waiting for them.  Tornado doesn't need the women since they can't help him achieve his Ultimate Evolution and Tomari and Gou go Tridoron and Dead Heat respectfully to engage the Roidmudes while Kiriko gets the girls out of there.  The fight spills out to the same quarry from last week because reasons and Tomari finds himself overwhelmed by Heart.  Gou goes to help him leaving Tornado alone and he disappears.  It seems like the pair are able to match the power Heart has now but Tornado interrupts the fight and takes Kiriko away while the Red Ride Booster controlled by Banno comes in and shoots up the pair launching Tomari over a cliff and de transforming him.  We end the episode with 004 arriving at the bottom and taking Buckle and leaving Tomari.  In the second movie episode we see Eiji talk with a friend of his about the Time Road being finished and Eiji has his chance of heading to the past.  Unfortunately Dark Drive is sent after Eiji to ensure no changes to the past happen.

          This episode brings Tornado into the villian spotlight and while we don't learn much about him we are left with quite the cliffhanger with Kiriko and Buckle kidnapped by Roidmudes, Tomari knocked out at the bottom of a cliff, and Gou alone fighting Heart.  This episode was good for the most part although the heel turn for Banno was fast much like most of this show as we quickly see him go from potential team member to back stabber in the matter of a few minutes.  Chase provides the comedy with his dead pan reactions to everything and honestly I would like his Figuart to come out soon because I love Chase's character right now.  He is just the bot trying to do the right thing and keep his friends safe no matter what they think of him.  Overall a good episode with great comedy and a cliffhanger that makes the next episode highly anticipated.  Next week Banno's past is revealed as Tornado's path to Ultimate Evolution opens up and a Dark Drive Driver is born.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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