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          So what awaits us after that surprising cliffhanger.  Let's see what happened in "Why did the two brilliant scientists collide?".  We start off with Mach still fighting Heart and Chase heading off to find Kiriko.  Gou uses the Burst Mode to get past Heart and find Tomari. He eventually finds him minus Buckle and Tomari tells him about somebody taking him.  Heart arrives to inform the pair about just who Banno truly is.  Gou is pissed off about Heart's accustations that Banno is worse than the Roidmudes.  We cut away to The Pit to see the place ransacked and Kyu and Chief licking their wounds after Banno's escape from the area.  Meanwhile Kiriko is being dragged around by Tornado in a wedding dress while he tries to lose Chase who is in hot pursuit.  A second meanwhile brings us to Ba ... Read more »

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