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          Time we learned just what is going on in this case and what is Medic's connection to it.  Let's take a look at "What is the truth about the goddess?".  We start off with a recap by Tomari as he wonders why Medic is helping this girl.  Medic then proceeds to talk about how she found Hatori injured in the middle of the road after the Global Freeze event.  She synchronized with her feeling of not wanting someone else to die off camera even though she is close to death herself.  Medic healed her using her new found power.  We then see that as Medic healed other Roidmudes their emotions connected with her and corrupted her into the Medic we all know now.  She wants to return to her previous self and by waking up Hatori she can regain her previous untainted form.  Tomari looks to help Hatori and by extension Medic even if it means letting Medic gain her Ultimate Evolution.  ... Read more »

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