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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 42

          Time we learned just what is going on in this case and what is Medic's connection to it.  Let's take a look at "What is the truth about the goddess?".  We start off with a recap by Tomari as he wonders why Medic is helping this girl.  Medic then proceeds to talk about how she found Hatori injured in the middle of the road after the Global Freeze event.  She synchronized with her feeling of not wanting someone else to die off camera even though she is close to death herself.  Medic healed her using her new found power.  We then see that as Medic healed other Roidmudes their emotions connected with her and corrupted her into the Medic we all know now.  She wants to return to her previous self and by waking up Hatori she can regain her previous untainted form.  Tomari looks to help Hatori and by extension Medic even if it means letting Medic gain her Ultimate Evolution.  Banno proceeds to interrupt the proceedings with Brain introducing the mad doctor.  He goes Gold Drive and takes on both Tomari and Chase.  Even with Tridoron Drive and Chase can't keep up with the golden Rider and after stealing Shift Tridoron from Tomari bringing the pair down to Type Speed he steals their weapons and launches a devastating finisher that leaves the pair knock to the ground and out of their Rider forms.  Banno wants Medic and with some convincing from Brain she heads off with him with the promise of finding her Evolution.

          The team regroups back at The Pit a bit defeated due to their recent losses.  Tomari heads out to Amoroso, the ballet company from last episode, to find out more about Hatori.  She was very talented but apparently her and Igarashi didn't see eye to eye as Igarashi didn't take it very seriously.  Kyu calls in with some help as he found out Igarashi is in debt and owes about 10 million yen, around eighty grand for those interested.  He was embezzling money from the ballet company last year around the time Hatori disappeared and you can probably guess where this case goes from here.  Tomari heads out to find the two only to be stopped by the bark of a dog.  Igarashi is back at the spot from last episode and is ready to push her down a flight of stairs to kill her off once and for all.  He is interrupted by Tomari and Otta who lay out his crimes.  He tries to push her only for Kiriko to step in between the two preventing him from acting.  He explains how he ran her over with his car during the Global Freeze event and he thought he was off the hook when nothing was reported.  Tomari arrests him and this case is almost closed for good.

          Meanwhile Brain is confronted by Heart over where Medic is.  He apologizes for leading her to Banno and begs for forgiveness for betraying him out of fear.  We see Medic back to her pure form with Banno explaining how he did as promised.   He then tells her how to gain her Evolution.  Heart decides to wipe Brain from existence as punishment and we cut to Kiriko, Gou, and Chase escorting Misuzu back to the hospital.  Medic arrives to dispose of Hatori but Gou and Chase will not let this happen and engage Medic in Dead Heat and Chaser form respectfully.  The pair are out matched but Medic doesn't seem to be able to evolve.  Heart arrives to oversee the battle and Shou, a dog, arrives finally waking Hatori from her sleep.  They overlooked how everyone they interviewed had a dog and even Medic grew affection for a "similar" dog that we saw last episode.  We see Medic also healed the pooch that night after she healed Hatori and took her away to somewhere.  This realization finally grants Medic the ability to evolve into her Ultimate form.

          Everything looks okay and she manages to knock Gou and Chase back but after some weird glitches she returns to her corrupted form and we find out Banno tinkered with Medic so that when she gained the evolution her mind would be erased and she would now be Banno's little puppet.  Now nothing more than a very powerful broken record, repeating how she does everything for Heart, Banno sends her after the Riders to finish them off.  Heart protects them from her attacks and Banno leaves knowing he now holds all the cards to destroy the Riders and enact his endgame.  We see Banno talk to Heart about his end goal of enacting another Global Freeze and becoming the leader of all the Roidmudes.  Heart tells him he is missing one piece in the form of Brain who is on the run on orders from Heart.  Meanwhile Tomari and crew see Hatori off and explain what they missed in the case and we see Rinna is a dog lover which explains the whole passing out thing.  We end off with Brain feeling sorry for what has happened to Medic even after all she has done and Chase looks to ask Kiriko about the love he feels towards her as Tomari looks on wondering how this will turn out.

          This week puts Banno squarely in the final boss position as he looks to use the Roidmudes he has abused to pull off what he can't do alone.  He has done everything to piss off just about everybody on the main cast since he revealed his true intentions and now the only thing standing in his way are three Kamen Riders he can easily nerff at his digression.  Medic takes center stage as we see that she isn't completely evil as she did help somebody in need.  One could say the Roidmudes are not truly evil just took the wrong path.  Overall this was a very emotional episode that makes me wonder what will happen to our executive trio now that Banno has control over almost all of them and by extension all of the remaining Roidmudes.   Next week Chase confesses his feeling to Kiriko, evil Krim from Surprise Future decides to take part in the shows main plot and Brain is defended by Tomari as he tries his best to prevent Banno from obtaining the Promised Number.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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