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          Coming out far later than I wanted due to laziness and college stuff we finally take a look at "When  will the Tornado kidnapper strike?".  We start off with a random couple heading off to the beach only for Tornado, 008, to intervene and kidnap the girl.  Gou is on site just after it happened due to Banno's information.  Tomari arrives and we find out that this is the third such case to happen.  He is also very brazen with his kidnappings and the team will have to do something a bit drastic to him.  The team will set themselves up as bait in order to hopefully catch him.  Gou is eager to help but is sit back down due to not having a license to drive cars which also puts Chase on the sideline as well.  He is working on it and even throws Gou for a loop over the revelation.  The two of t ... Read more »

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