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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 40

          So what awaits us after that surprising cliffhanger.  Let's see what happened in "Why did the two brilliant scientists collide?".  We start off with Mach still fighting Heart and Chase heading off to find Kiriko.  Gou uses the Burst Mode to get past Heart and find Tomari. He eventually finds him minus Buckle and Tomari tells him about somebody taking him.  Heart arrives to inform the pair about just who Banno truly is.  Gou is pissed off about Heart's accustations that Banno is worse than the Roidmudes.  We cut away to The Pit to see the place ransacked and Kyu and Chief licking their wounds after Banno's escape from the area.  Meanwhile Kiriko is being dragged around by Tornado in a wedding dress while he tries to lose Chase who is in hot pursuit.  A second meanwhile brings us to Banno's lair as 004 places Buckle on a pad in order to be studied so Banno can create another Drive Driver.  We also see 004 place a chip into Buckle that based off the implications is what will lead to the events of Surprise Future. 

          Finally back with Heart and the Riders we get some back-story for Banno.  We see that 15 years ago Banno during his research made Heart, at the time 002, turn into a potential backer that turned him down.  He proceeds to torture the Roidmude and when Krim sees this he berates Banno for his actions.  This seems to lead to the break up between the two and we also find out that Banno implanted negative emotions into the Roidmudes and because of this seemingly places them on the path they are now on.  Gou is taken aback by this and can only stand in shock.  Tomari adds on to the mental trauma as he tell Gou of what Kiriko told him on the ride to Tornado's hideout.  She tells Tomari that she remembers how their mother would look sad whenever their father was brought up.  Gou can hardly believe all of this and being used by his father has left him broken.  Heart leaves the pair alone and Tomari does his best to talk Gou back up but has to leave him for now to find Kiriko and Buckle.  Meanwhile Tornado cuts off Chase and proceeds to fight the former reaper.  Chase is quickly overwhelmed and Tornado leaves knowing he finally got the reaper for now.  Buckle wakes up to see Banno trying to replicate the belt and Tomari arriving to save him.  Rinna tracked the Ride Booster here but Tomari is too late as a Black Drive Driver now holds Banno and he and 004 escape for now.

          Back at The Pit the team tries to figure out where to find Tornado and what exactly is his method to achieve Ultimate Evolution.  Kyu provides the answer in the form of a interview in a old magazine.  Tornado wishes to marry the most beautiful woman wearing the most beautiful necklace he has made.  Tomari and Buckle head off to find the church Tornado is hiding out at.  Tomari arrives and breaks the necklace with Hunter.  Tornado gives a bit of his back-story revealing he killed the original George Shirogane.  He inherited his dream when he copied him and that dream became his path to Ultimate Evolution.  The two transform and fight it out until takes the two of them outside the church leaving Kiriko tied up inside.  Tomari is overwhelmed by Tornado's power and when he tries to go Type Tridoron Tornado knocks the Shift Car out of his hand.  Tomari does all he can to withstand the attack until Gou arrives already in Mach form.  Gou vows to wipe out any threat to humanity including his father as that is his duty as a Kamen Rider.  The double Riders are able to keep Tornado on the defensive but he is far from down and forces the two on back.  Chase arrives at the church and rescues Kiriko while also informing her that he now has his license and can use the Tridoron to help the pair out.  He transforms and leaves Kiriko at the altar to go help the pair.

          Using Tridoron Type Wild along with the Ride Boosters  Tornado's wind attacks are negated and with a Double Full Throttle Kick Tornado falls and another high ranking Roidmude is down for the count.  Heart observes the pair celebrating while Chase finds a place to park the Tridoron and notes that humanity is keeping them at bay for now.  Back at the driving school the Riders plus Kiriko celebrate Chase and Gou getting their licnences and Gou says he will take his father down and Gou, Kiriko, and Tomari share a heartfelt hug as for the first time in a long time the three are happy together.  Chase notes how happy they look together and leaves noting how Gou and Tomari act like brothers and calling Tomari by his first name.  Internally Chase vows to protect their happiness no matter what the cost and now I fear Chase by die at the end of the series.  Meanwhile Brain celebrates getting his body back, 006 says he will obtain his Evolution next and take out Banno while Medic wishes to be the fourth to claim Ultimate Evolution so she may continue to serve Heart.  In our third Surprise Future episode Eiji faces down Dark Drive as he races to enter the Time Road he manages to enter it but Dark Drive follows him.

          This episode finally brings the Riders back together out of combat and we get some genuine emotional moments as we draw closer to the end of Drive.  Gou gets a lot of the focus this week and we see him fall only to rise once more vowing to uphold the title of Kamen Rider he has been given.  The three using the Ride Booster to take down Tornado is a nice call back to what they were made for to begin with and provide a cool moment to end the fight on.  Banno's reveal as villain was spoiled by scan that came out just before last week's episode but without that it is still a surprising twist that the only drawback of is it could have come sooner.  Hopefully Chase gets to survive through the end of the series as has given the show the best comedy scenes and some of the best action and I would hate to lose a character that really makes the dynamic of the main characters of the show.  Overall this was a great follow up to last week's episode and sets up the arrival of a interesting villain for the Drive crew.  Next week Medic looks to gain her Evolution and we see the arrival of another Rider a Golden Drive.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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