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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 43

          Banno's continues to plan the next Global Freeze from the shadows and the team is short on information to stop him.  Let's see what happens next in "When will the Second Global Freeze Start?".  We start off with a Roidmude being pursued by the police.  He attempts to use Slowdown to stop them from shooting him but one of them is equipped with Rinna's backpack and he falls and presumably is destroyed completely thanks to some special ammo they have.  Secretary of Defense Aid Togama Akio  is shown to be talking to Chief and Rinna about improvements to be made to the backpack and a special assignment for the S.C.U..  The gathered members are impressed to receive such a high profile case and it looks to be looking into the activities of the destroyed Roidmude.  He seemed to be scouting locations and with no information on why the worse is assumed.  Another Global Freeze could be in the works and the team may be short on time to destroy the remaining twenty-two Roidmudes.  Otta asks where Tomari is and we see him and Chase having a calm conversation about Kiriko.  Chase outright asks if Tomari is in love with Kiriko and Tomari does everything to show he doesn't but it is obvious he does.  We see that Chase saw Tomari before he was going to ask Kiriko about what he is feeling last week and told her he would talk to Tomari about it.  Tomari has lost all sense of being cool and is just barely holding it together as denies everything.  He is pulled away by Kiriko for the case.  Chase sees right through all of it and Tomari is starting to believe it.

          Meanwhile with Heart as he is continues to play minion to Banno as he plans the second Global Freeze.  The Promised Land is set and all he needs is Brain to complete his perfect number.  A reaper unit arrives with intel on Brain's location and Banno punishes him for being late.  Heart tires to protect his comrade but only receives the beating instead.  Brain meanwhile is trying to blend in as a truck driver and fails at doing so since Medic and the other Roidmudes with her see right through it.  Brian is forced to pull over after being assaulted by Medic and her Reapers and seems to be in trouble except for our three Riders arriving in time to bail him out.  Brain slips something onto Medic while Drive, Mach, and Chase use a combination of attacks to take out the three Reapers forcing Medic to fall back and Brain to run away from the people who just saved him.  Back at The Pit the team puts the pieces together on the Promised Number and the case they are working on.  The threat of a second Global Freeze is very close and with four Ultimate Evolutions at their disposal the Roidmudes can have the Freeze affect more than just the quarter of the world that the previous one did.  The entire world could come to a stop and leave the Roidmudes in complete control.  The team vows to not let this happen and split up to use the intel they have to find the Promised Land.  Rinna unfortunately has to take their gear for the moment to coat them with a special mixture to counter Banno's pirating skills.  The team is down their main Shift Cars/Signal Bikes and the Trailer Cannon for now but will be back in gear in no time.  Tomari heads out to find Brain while Chase decides to have a conversation with Gou about Kiriko.

          Banno gets the bad news and decides to find him on his own with the help of his personal assistance 004.  We see that 004 is in fact the evil Krim we have been seeing the past few weeks as he copied the now belt sized Krim back before he died.  Chase opens up to Gou about the whole Kiriko situation and he flips out over this situation.  He doesn't believe Chase can have a relationship with Kiriko since he is a Roidmude and barges off.  Chase wonders if he is right and Tomari seems to also be asking the wrong people as he tries to get dating advice from Buckle who tells him one he is a belt and two a committed bachelor dedicated to his research.  Funny how he mentions the belt part first but anyway Tomari gets the best advice one can give when it comes to love be yourself.  Meanwhile Brain takes somebody else's tablet in order to link with Medic to reverse the damage Banno did.  He heads off to the C.I.A. in order to analyze the data which coincidently was where he was during the Global Freeze and where he got his human identity.  A deputy director with some odd quirks that Brain picked up.  Evil Krim and Banno interrupt his flashback and the resounding battle prompts Tomari to head to the location.  Brain begs for his life but Tomari arrives with the Booster Tridoron and 004 reveals how he duplicated Buckle.  004's copied memories where corrupted and was only recently reactivated to serve him once more.  Tomari does his best to hold off the pair minus his normal gear and begs Brain to run.  Shift Tridoron arrives and Tomari fights back using the form plus Sword and Gun.  Unfortunately the pair are still vulnerable giving Banno and 004 weapons against Tomari.  He attempts to use the Trailer Cannon to take them down but Heart blocks a Wild Cannon Finisher.  Heart releases a massive wave of energy causing rubble to fall on Tomari and Kiriko and we end off with Kiriko being hit by the debris and Tomari running off to protect her.

          This week was light on the story but heavy on the relationship drama and comedy.  All of the love triangle stuff was great and I personally loved all of the reactions especially Tomari asking for advice from his belt.  Also it is great to have evil Krim as a regular for the time being in the form of 004 and I hope he gets plenty of screen time as Krim no matter the alignment is too good when he gets to play a in person role.  Not much else to talk about since next week seems to be the big storm to follow the calm break we got this week.  Next week we see the Promised Land as Banno looks to complete preparations, the Riders are forced into a all out brawl to prevent the Second Global Freeze and Chief uses a Mach Driver to do what?!?!?!?

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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