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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 24

          After a week break due to the Gattai Special between Toqger and Gaim and two weeks removed from the exciting debut of Kachidoki Arms we are back with an R&R this week and let's not waste and this show started with episode twenty-four of Kamen Rider Gaim "A New Threat - The Overlords." We kick things off by catching back up with Kaito as he is still getting his ass kicked by the Red Overlord from last week. Things aren't looking up for our red knight as he is no match for the Overlord's powers.  Kaito is about to get killed before Minato makes the save with a few Peach Energy Charge Shots to make a quick escape with Kaito in tow. Minato tells Kaito he has done more than enough without engaging it in a fight.  Kaito says he is doing the research his way by fighting it since that is the easiest way for him.  We see the Green Overlord observing the two from a tree in the distance and says some things in his native tongue before we cut to the opening.

          A quick note is that with the events of the Gattai Special it either takes place after this episode at some point, has a far more complex explanation as to where it is at in the timeline, or is non cannon altogether.  Personally  will just go off a non cannon approach till the show decides to reference something from the special.

          Back from the opening we see Micchy and Mai making a sign for something, I assume it is related to Team United Melody.  Micchy is a bit love struck in this scene and Mai is worried about Kouta taking on too much of a burden.  Micchy says he has kept an eye on Kouta and will keep him out of trouble.  Later he is talking to one of his school mates and says that he will attain the power to give and take away, influence. 

          We then catch up with Kouta as he is ready to practice with his Peach Energy Lockseed.  We then get a confirmation of what each Jinba from is related too.  Lemon is related to power, Cherry is related to speed, and now we see that Peach is related to the senses as Kouta gains super hearing in this form.  He overhears Micchy the distance and calls him over to talk.  Kouta then tells him about the Overlords and how he is going to find them and talk to them.  He also tells him about Sagara helping him out.  Micchy asks if he knows if he is being used or not.  Kouta says maybe but he is going along to find out what Sagara wants with him.  Kouta wants to save as many people as possible and make up for Yuuya's death and will go down this path since he trust Micchy to watch out for him.  Micchy says to himself that he will have to suffer more before he learns.

           Micchy then reports to Team Yggdrasill about the info from Kouta.  He tells them outright about Sagara but keeps certain parts of the Overlords secret since the rest of Team Yggdrasill besides Takatora are surprised by this info.  We cut to the Overlords as the Green one tries to learn their language while the Red one is practicing.  We see Sagara arrive via snake hologram to talk to the two in their native tongue and says to not let their guard down.  We cut to Sengoku and crew discuss the situation.  Sengoku sends Sid after him to shut him down for good and notes he will use his trump card this time. We cut to Mai as she talks with Kaito about the Beat Riders and their different views on power.  Nothing has changed on that front although Mai tries to convince Kaito to dance with them sometime. 

          We cut to Kouta as he uses Jinba Peach to find the Overlords.  He is interrupted by Sid who uses his S Lockseed to bring three Watermelon Arms to life to fight against Kouta.  Kouta goes Kachidoki and in decisive fashion takes out the three Arms and speeds past Sid in Jinba Cherry Arms.  Kouta finds a cavern and with Jinba Peach he finds to Overlords, unfortunately he was expected.   The Green Overlord speaks a little Japanese and tells Kouta to be a better toy next time after he receives a beating from the Red Overlord.  They are not in the mood to talk and simply want something to alleviate there boredom.  The two disappear after Kouta de-transforms and is left to figure out his next move.  We end this week's episode on that note. 

          This was a slower episode meant to set up the next few with Sagara's cover blown and the continuation of the mystery surrounding him and the Overlords.  We finally see what the S Lockseed does and while a little disappointing I feel there is more to it than just summoning empty Watermelon Arms.  Micchy continues his path to the dark side and where this leads will not be good for Kouta.  Team Yggdrasill tries to slow Kouta down but fail to do so. Takatora remains clueless and Kaito licks his wounds.  Kouta has his first confrontation with the Overlords and while it doesn't go to well I believe this was simply Kouta being caught off guard and next time will play out very differently.  Overall like some episodes of Gaim this was a big setup for things to come with little bits of mystery sprinkled in to hold us over till next week.  Next week we see Guridon and Bravo return to the spotlight and Sagara is confronted by Sengoku and crew. 

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9 for both me and my co host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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