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          Well guys after taking a breather from the main plot yesterday let's hop right back into the fire with episode twenty-six of Kamen Rider Gaim "Baron's Genesis Transformation!"  We kick things off with Mai wanting to talk to Kouta.  She knows he is hiding something and wants the truth.  Kouta is reluctant to tell her anything especially anything about Yuuya.  He eventually tells her that Yuuya was turned into an Inves and was killed by him.  All Kouta can do is apologize for what he has done and try to make up for what he has done.  Mai only asks when he found out and we see Mai try to comfort Kouta for trying to bear everything on his shoulders.  The two embrace in a close hug as they share the feelings.  We cut to Takatora talking about Project Ark and he is talking to some unknown person about its progress.  Takatora seems a b ... Read more »

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