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          This one is coming out a lot later than it should but on the flip side I will be pushing two out back to back days.  Last week we had Kouta get a taste of the Overlords and get a big ass whopping this week we take a break from the main plot to check in on the new comedic duo.  So let's take a look at Kamen Rider Gaim episode 25 "Guridon and Bravo's Ultimate Tag-Team!"  We start off this week with Kouta, Zack, and Micchy taking out some rampaging Inves goons.  With a combination of three finishers the goons are dispatched and the Riders are even winning over some of the citizens of Zawame City now.  After the fight Micchy and Kouta get into a quick argument over what to do about the larger issues.  Zack breaks it up while Jono is looking on wondering why they get all the attention.  Jono is about to say hi to one of his former teammates un ... Read more »

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