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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 25

          This one is coming out a lot later than it should but on the flip side I will be pushing two out back to back days.  Last week we had Kouta get a taste of the Overlords and get a big ass whopping this week we take a break from the main plot to check in on the new comedic duo.  So let's take a look at Kamen Rider Gaim episode 25 "Guridon and Bravo's Ultimate Tag-Team!"  We start off this week with Kouta, Zack, and Micchy taking out some rampaging Inves goons.  With a combination of three finishers the goons are dispatched and the Riders are even winning over some of the citizens of Zawame City now.  After the fight Micchy and Kouta get into a quick argument over what to do about the larger issues.  Zack breaks it up while Jono is looking on wondering why they get all the attention.  Jono is about to say hi to one of his former teammates until he hears her along with Mai and one of the Team Gaim girls talk about him very harshly.  This sticks with him and we cut to the opening as Jono is struck down by these words.

          Back from the opening we see Jono is quite depressed and no amount of shouting from Pierre will snap him out of it.  Pierre decides it is time to turn him into a real man.  Meanwhile Kouta finds that the Overlords are not where he last saw them.  He does run into Kaito and finds out he is looking for them as well.  The two cross words about how to handle the Overlords with the two at polar opposite ends of the spectrum.  Kaito says they need to show how powerful they are while Kouta wants to talk with them.  We then check in with Sengoku and crew as they are confronted by Sagara in Sengoku's lab.  Sagara wants to talk with them and says he is an observer and says he is pushing Kouta to even the playing field.  He wants to see what they are truly after and what Project Ark really is meant for.  He figures the project is to move Yggdrasill assets as they see fit and Sengoku amidst to it.  We find out Helheim has connected to the world before and this is where the many myths and legends about golden fruit come from.  Helheim is meant to push the ones worthy to evolve further through a fight for survival.  Sengoku finds this funny because they have expected this outcome.  He tells them to find the Overlords to get the fruit they want and disappears since they were just talking to a hologram. 

          We check back in with our comedy duo to find the two in a training montage that looks to be putting Jono through the wringer. The montage ends with Jono blown away by a landmine.  Now Pierre has Jono in drag trying to teach him to be beautiful.  This is not working out well for Jono as he is further embarrassed as the three Beat Riders from earlier show up and walk out confused by what they see.  Jono is sick of these games and is trying to figure out who he is.  Pierre seems a bit impressed I think and we cut to Jono at Drupers as he talks to Kouta about his life.  Life is just not fun for him anymore and before Kouta can tell him about Hase he gets sidetracked by telling him how even his life sucks a bit due to everything he has gone through.   Pierre arrives to tell Kouta to not lead Jono astray at the most important part of his life.  Pierre start a fight in the middle of the shop and then the cashier lady decides to bust out her martial arts skills to distract Pierre and give Kouta a chance to run away with Pierre in tow.  The two have a comedic battle while Kouta tells him that the Inves attacks are not their fault and gives him a little info on Helheim.  The two are then attacked by a horde of Inves goons and a couple of bigger Inves.  Jono eventually transforms to protect the two and is knocked unconscious for his efforts.  Kouta is in no mood to draw this out and goes Kachidoki Arms to end the fight quick.  He goes to check on the two but they have disappeared. 

          We see that Pierre is carrying Jono and has said to have seen his true colors.  He also says that he will beat Kouta next time they meet.  Jono then tells him what happen to the rankings and the Beat Riders.  We cut to Kouta helping clean up before Mai shows up and Kouta tries to run before she tells him they need to talk.  We end this week with Pierre finding a portal to Helheim and hopping in.

          This week was a break from the main plot but in return we got some background information on Helheim and get to see a bit of what Sengoku and crew are up to.  We also catch up with Pierre and Jono and get some character development from them and see the two grow closer together as friends.  Not much else from this but is was a chance for us as an audience to catch our breath before we get right back into the middle of it next week.  Overall a good episode but will probably be one of the weaker ones in the long run depending on how Jono and Pierre are handled from here on out.  Tomorrow we see how Mai will handle the news of just what is going on, how Micchy is going to react to this, and Kaito gains a very sour upgrade to battle the Overlords.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9 for both me and my co host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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